Letter For Our Future

Letter For Our Future – UK Government: Tell The Truth – Animal Agriculture Causes Pandemics Animal Rebellion delivered the following open letter signed by scientists, animal rights organisations and environmentalists to the UK Government on Tuesday 8th September 2020 Dear Prime Minister,  We are writing as a broad coalition to shine a light on animal agriculture as a key driver in the emergence of deadly diseases. We are urging the UK Government and Governments around the world to join together to take integrated action to prevent future zoonotic pandemics. The Covid-19 tragedy has caused untold suffering to millions and future global pandemics, along with the climate emergency, represent public health threats of unprecedented magnitude. Yet, whilst Governments seek to stop[…]

How to Win the Battle Against the Animal and Climate Crisis

*Originally published 21 August 2020* Pre-word Animal Rebellion promotes civil disobedience as a catalyst for political and system change. We recognise the value of different campaign methods, such as lobbying MPs and signing petitions. However, there are other groups that already focus on these areas and they do it well. Our focus is on attention raising actions with higher consequences, such as risking arrest, and causing mass civil disobedience in full view of the public. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes, as our motives are directed towards the system, not the individual. Non-violent Direct Action Nobody wants to be arrested. Sitting in a police station for hours on end, with your liberty at risk, a criminal record that could[…]

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