Time commitment: Full time 35-40 hours per week

Support: Financial support available upto £600 per month and housing allowance or space in activist house based in London.


Must HaveBeneficial 
Time commitment of 35+ hours a week.Experience in a similar role or field either through activist spaces or organisations.Has strong interpersonal skills:Communication, approachable, open minded and understanding of various perspectives and needs.  Engages in their own personal development to enhance their skills in this role, ie., leadership, coaching/mentoring, movement growth, power, etc. In depth knowledge of Animal Rebellion’s DNA (Can be learnt)


Supporting the Culture Circle and subcircles: Wellbeing, Conflict Support, Inclusion & Anti-Racism by ensuring the embodiment of a resilient and regenerative culture that encourages self-care and organisational care during our actions, spaces, community and movement. 

Promoting the embodiment of our principles and values, the awareness of our interconnection as humans and nature, addressing the root cause of self-destructive systems and cultures and developing healthy ways of relating to each other, of working towards our goals and resting along the way. 

Co-creating transformative processes and systems within Animal Rebellion and implementing a transformative approach to conflict, promoting dialog engagement and connection through active listening, allowing us to hear everyone’s perspectives, repairing broken channels of communication and receiving feedback to allow growth and change.  

Researching alternative models of relating to people and understanding how power can be useful to us by creating effective ways of working with it and sharing it within our rebels. 


  • Facilitating personal and cultural transformation in the direction of regenerative cultures, including all forms of violence, alienation and oppression. 
  • Advocating for regenerative cultural visions, ideas and behaviours, increasing awareness of their lack in Animal Rebellion and the world. 
  • Creating the resources needed in the movement, Animal Rebellion UK and more broadly, to help people engage from a place of love and trust, allowing us to deepen our relationships to collaborate effectively. 
  • Engaging people and communities to co-create alternatives to degenerative cultures and practices, and preparing them for times of crisis. 
  • Protecting our community of rebels against harassment, bullying, disruption and any other forms of violence using transparent processes that may include asking people to leave the organisation. 
  • Empowering people to acknowledge, process and understand their emotions and tensions. 
  • Facilitating and promoting recuperation, resilience and efficacy of the movement through resources, workshops, trainings and communication platforms. 
  • Actively working towards total liberation, decolonisation and against structures of oppression, constantly working and transforming at personal, interpersonal, systemic and cultural levels. 
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