Animal Rebellion MP Liaison

Sending letters to your local MP to introduce them to Animal Rebellion and our demandsTailoring letter templates from the coordinators to your specific MPBuilding a relationship with your MP and going to surgeries, events etc, where appropriateKeeping your MP informed out Animal Rebellion actions and campaignsModel Animal Rebellion’s principles and values in communication with your MPAttend monthly update meetings Get trained on Animal Rebellion mandatory trainings

DNA deliverer

Transmitting animal rebellions DNA by delivering trainings / workshops. Workshops are delivered in 2s. People taking this role will need to attend all DNAs as training and a workshop delivery training, so although commitment is 3 hours a month – initially need commitment of 3 hours a week for 2-3 weeks

Recruitment Team Members

Work with a team of people motivated to helping new volunteers find thier place within Animal Rebellion and support them along their path into teams and the organization. 

Local and Affinity Groups Mobilisation

LG/AG Mob ensure that Local and Affinity Groups are continuously mobilised, imparting mobilisation techniques to local groups and assisting where needed:To liaise with the Local Groups team actively and track their growthAssist in the mobilisation needs of Local GroupsTo promote affinity groups to mobiliseDeliver Local Group mobilisation workshops

Mobilization Team Member

Researching and learning about how we mobilize masses. Develop and deliver workshops on mobilization, share information, organize actions to mobilize people to join or support the rebellion

Animation Creators

We are looking for creative team members with a passion for animation at any level, simple graphics or as complex as desired. This role would be required to produce animated visuals representing the movement,our values and our commitments to a plant based future.

Video Editors

We are looking for editors to join our team who have the desire and skills to put footage together for video projects along the way. With the understanding that editing takes a lot of time we are always looking for more people to join us and be part of our talented team.

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