Few hours per week

Transport coordinator

Looking for someone who knows about vans/cars. At the moment it will mainly involve looking after the van, maintaining it, and possibily driving it around. Looking to the future it could also involve find a bigger van, looking at day rentals of even bigger vans/trucks for specific actions. 

Spaces coordinator

Oversee the use of the warehouse. Take inventory, know where items are located (if they leave the warehouse and who has them, when they will return), keep warehouse organized. Needs to live in London (The warehouse is in Hackney). 

Consent Advocate

Working alongside the XR UK Consent Team to help build a consent culture within the movement, accountabilities will include learning to facilitate Consent Workshops and attending meetings with the XR UK Consent team

CEE Bill Coordinator

To coordinate Animal Rebellion’s support of the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill Liaising with the CEE Bill allianceHelping to create an Animal Rebellion campaign around the billGenerate awareness around the billAttend circle meetings Get trained on Animal Rebellion mandatory trainings

People’s Assembly Trainer

Advertise the training every fortnightGive the training to people interested in facilitating a people’s assemblySend follow up emails to the attendeesAdvise on any changes to the training and amend as neededKeep up to date on people’s assembliesAttend circle meetings Get trained on Animal Rebellion mandatory trainings; trainings are already written and need delivery

Animal Rebellion MP Liaison

Sending letters to your local MP to introduce them to Animal Rebellion and our demandsTailoring letter templates from the coordinators to your specific MPBuilding a relationship with your MP and going to surgeries, events etc, where appropriateKeeping your MP informed out Animal Rebellion actions and campaignsModel Animal Rebellion’s principles and values in communication with your MPAttend monthly update meetings Get trained on Animal Rebellion mandatory trainings

Transparency Officer

Someone to maintain comprev.org and deliver financial transparency throughout the organisation, make budget meeting documents viewable, find ways to increase donations by showing clear, sensible use of donation money


Someone to send fundraising emails, design social media campaigns and find innovative ways to do public fundraising

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