Part Time

SOS Coach

Supporting circles in their governance practices and helping them organise more effectively.

SOS Resource Steward

Making sure SOS resources and documentation is up-to-date, and making sure everyone has access to them.(This role has the really important job of looking after Animal Rebellion UK’s constitution)

Inclusion Team Members

The inclusion team works on diversity, inclusion and equity within Animal Rebellion and tries to create safer and more accessible spaces for all. There are various roles to fill/tasks to work on, such as community outreach to find out barriers to being plantbased/barriers to being part of Animal Rebellion, developing and delivering anti-oppression workshops, creating resources for teams such as accessibilty checklists and creating social media content.

Conflict Facilitator

Help resolve conflicts or deal with tentions within the movement as they arise. Facilitate in conflict resoultion, give advice on how to handle conflicts. Looking for someone with experience of conflict facilitation or an understanding of Nonviolent Communication and restorative justice. 


Plan servers expansion, backups and keep track of servers health. To perform updates/installs

Wider Movement Liaison

To provide the rest of the organisation with studies and evidence. Help guide members on the Mattermost Research channel. Respond to requests with research from the team

Political and Farming Research WG Lead

Identify government agencies and farming groups key to changing our food system, provide up-to-date contacts and information on how these groups operate and current or future initiatives, seek opportunities for Animal Rebellion to get their voice heard and influence policy, liaise closely with the Political Circle

Fundraising IC

Coordinate the functions of the fundraising circle: Grants, Major Donors, Crowdfunding, and raise funds for Animal Rebellion to meet our goals

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