Join An Affinity Group

Affinity Groups (AGs) are civil disobedience support groups. 

They are made up of 8-12 people and are autonomous to do the actions they want to in the name of Animal Rebellion as long as they adhere to the Principles and Values (P&Vs). There needs to be 4 people minimum in order to create an effective AG.

AGs can get involved by either joining in with one of Animal Rebellion’s mass actions, by joining with other local AGs to do an action or by undertaking your own actions as an AG. In each of these cases, the AG decides for itself how it wants to engage with the action.

Affinity groups are organised in a non­hierarchical and autonomous way, there are no leaders and everyone has an equal voice and responsibility. Affinity groups work best when people have something in common (the ‘affinity’ bit). This affinity might be where you live, the issues you want to campaign on, the tactics you want to use or a particular skill you have to offer (e.g. action medics), or a mixture of all of these.

We will be hosting workshops for you to develop the skills and experience you need to organize and lead your actions. Whether you want to register an existing AG, want to create or join a new one, this form will help us get you started.

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