Connect With Us

There are many ways to interact with us and others all around the globe that want to support Animal Rebellion, here you’ll find all the links you need to get started! We’ve also made some really handy guides to support you.

Press Contacts

Below is the available contact for media and press enquiries

Hazel – 07920 518727
Cristina – 07544 169468

Telegram Broadcast

During the rebellion we used the phone messaging application Telegram to Broadcast messages to all of those who were in attendance, it’s a brilliant way for us to contact everybody at once and give a direct update or message.

You can join Telegram straight from your browser or though your mobile phone

Chat – Mattermost

Chat (a.k.a Mattermost) is a free to use, open source, Instant messaging platform that Animal Rebellion use for one to one and group communication. It’s secure and has the capacity to grow so we can bring in thousands of supporters!

‘Chat’ is split into groups based off the location of Animal Rebellion groups across the world, with a ‘Global Space’ where all can come together and talk/work together.

Here are the invitation links to the current groups. We recommend joining the ‘Global’ group in addition to one that matches your locality.

Visit Our Virtual Village

Come Visit our Virtual Village!

Animal Rebellion UK Teams/ Emails

Social Media

Join us on our social media platforms

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