JOIN THE REBELLION: 23rd August – 4th September 2021

A poster saying 'Rebel for all life! We need you!'

2021 has shown loud and clear the devastating force of the climate crisis. Amazon fires. Mass ice melt. Devastating floods. North America burning. Countless humans and animals dying. The Earth is calling for help.

We have had enough of talking and thinking, we cannot wait for an indefinite amount of time whilst the planet continues to be destroyed, people displaced and billions of animals killed. We must once again rebel. 

But we need more than change. We need global, inter-movement solidarity and a just transition for all people who work in industries affected by the upheaval of climate and environmental chaos. It’s time to work together for justice that knows no boundaries. A just world is one where all beings can live in peace. It is a system that does not oppress some for the convenience of others and where all people and organisations operate with the pledge to do no harm to each other, our planet and to all those we share it with. 

The government and the corporations have the power and potential to bring this needed change. They need to put their money where the public’s mouth is and defund destruction. The people are asking for a transition to a future that’s fair for everyone. This is a plant-based future.  Fund plants, defund meat, protect our future.

It’s time to once again take to the streets. It’s time to come together and use our voices. This is OUR moment. This is the Animal Rebellion. We must act now, before it is too late. We must rebel for all life.

So how can you make a difference?

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A poster saying 'It's time to rebel' with a photo of a forest fire at night time as a backdrop

We are at a turning point. The Animals and the Planet need us, let’s come together to make this a rebellion that cannot be ignored. The time is now. 

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