Photo of volunteers marching on the street with a crowd behind them. The front row of volunteers hold a yellow banner with black text in all caps reading 'Unite for animal justice'.

We Need a Plant-Based Food System!

We need urgent action now if we are to address the worst effects of the climate crisis. Meat and dairy = climate crisis yet the government refuses to act. That’s where we come in. Volunteer today and join the fight for Animal & Climate Justice.

What We Want

We want justice for our planet and all who live on it. A plant-based food system is how we’re going to get there.

Our demands are simple:

Tell the Truth

Act Now

Beyond Politics

We Need Action Now

The science is clear, there is no future in meat and dairy. Biodiversity loss, food shortages, extreme weather; we have the power to turn this around and build a just future for all.

Support the Rebellion

We need your support to take action for animals and the planet!

Latest News

  • Dairy: An Industry Built on Destruction

  • Animal Rebellion meeting at the RSPCA

    Ex-RSPCA trustees urge charity to take lead on plant-based transition

  • “Factory Farming is Fuelled by Oil”, say Environmental Campaigners

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