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  • Animal Rebellion Campaigners Scale DEFFRA In Climate Change Protest Ahead Of COP26
    The protesters climbed the building in the early hours of this morning, unveiling a banner that reads “COP26: Invest in a Plant-Based Future”. Animal Rebellion says they intend to remain on the building, suspended in hammocks, until UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledges to cut all taxpayer support for animal agriculture and promises to urge all world leaders to do the same when they attend the COP26 summit later this week. 
  • Breaking: Police Deny Basic Human Rights At ARLA Blockade
    Animal Rebellion 31/08/21 – 22PM BREAKING : POLICE DENY BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS AT ARLA BLOCKADE UK’s largest dairy factory shut down for more than 19 hours Police have denied the protesters’ basic rights such as food, shelter and medications Over 350 arrests have happened during the ‘Impossible Rebellion’ around London During the early morning hours,[…]
  • Climate Activists Blockade UK’s Biggest Milk Factory Calling For An End To Dairy
    We’re not just demanding that Arla go plant-based by 2025, we’re demanding that the government supports companies like Arla by funding a just transition for workers in meat and dairy industries to just and sustainable alternatives.
  • Animal Rights Groups Unite For March Through Central London Amidst “August Rebellion”
    The march will depart from Smithfield Market and will have a circular route making symbolic stops at Unilever, Cargill and the Marine Stewardship Council Animal Rights marches in previous years have mobilised thousands of people This demonstration was organised by the group Animal Rebellion who will be joined by many other animal rights groups and activists
    “We are demanding that the Queen end the use of crown land for industries which are contributing to the climate and ecological emergency and the death of animals.”
  • Animal Rebellion Stages Overnight McDonald’s Occupation Amid Call For Plant-Based Food System
    Protestors have donned their sleeping bags and are camping out at McDonald’s tonight, as they call out the fast-food chain for its role in destroying the planet.
  • Animal Rebellion Holds Blockade At McDonald’s Only Burger Factory For More Than 24H
    Press release: Animal Rebellion Date: 16/07/2021 UPDATE: ANIMAL REBELLION HOLDS BLOCKADE AT MCDONALD’S ONLY BURGER FACTORY FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS An Animal Rebellion blockade at McDonald’s only UK burger factory has halted production for over 24 hours Campaigners say they will stay as long as it takes for McDonald’s to listen and respond to[…]
  • Animal Rebellion Blockades McDonald’s Only Burger Factory
    Around 100 protestors set up a blockade using trucks, tents, bamboo structures and a roof occupation in the early hours of this morning to stop the facility from distributing burgers. The protestors have said they will stay as long as it takes until McDonald’s commits to changing towards a plant-based menu. They are encouraging everyone to join the camp and protest against McDonald’s for their track record of destroying the environment, poor labour conditions and animal exploitation.
  • Police Repression At G7
    Individuals were arrested as police claimed to have intelligence of articles, which could be used to cause damage, at the campsite. Despite the use of hundreds of police, dozens of vans and even police dogs, all that was found was some « scaffolding », « paint » and an « airhorn ». This was the basis of their arrests.
  • Animal Rebellion blockades McDonald’s distribution centres across the UK
    Protestors from Animal Rebellion are targeting McDonald’s by blockading all four of their UK distribution centres, which supply approximately 1300 restaurants and serve 3.5 million customers each day.
  • Letter For Our Future
    Animal Rebellion delivered the following open letter signed by scientists, animal rights organisations and environmentalists to the UK Government on Tuesday 8th September 2020

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