Photo of volunteers marching on the street with a crowd behind them. The front row of volunteers hold a yellow banner with black text in all caps reading 'Unite for animal justice'.

We Need a Plant-Based Food System!

We need urgent action now if we are to address the worst effects of the climate crisis. Meat and dairy = climate crisis yet the government refuses to act. That’s where we come in. Volunteer today and join the fight for Animal & Climate Justice.

What We Want

We want justice for our planet and all who live on it. A plant-based food system is how we’re going to get there.

Our demands are simple:

Tell the Truth

Act Now

Beyond Politics

We Need Action Now

The science is clear, there is no future in meat and dairy. Biodiversity loss, food shortages, extreme weather; we have the power to turn this around and build a just future for all.

Support the Rebellion

We need your support to take action for animals and the planet!

Latest News

  • Image saying 'Protect the seas, end fishing'

    The Marine Stewardship Council: A flawed sheen of respectability for an industry in denial

  • Photo of activists blocking the site to the slaughterhouse and draping a giant 'Gardens not Slaughterhouses' banner over a chicken delivery truck

    Protestors block London’s last slaughterhouse to demand community gardens

  • Photo of animal Rebellion activists sit on a step with placards at the entrance to the Marine Stewardship Council. The building is normally white but has been stained bright red.

    Animal Rebellion paints the Marine Stewardship Council red to demand the end of fishing

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