This Land is Our Land

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This Land is Our Land

24th April 2021

On 24th April 2021 every citizen of the UK is invited to mark the Kinder Scout trespass wherever and however they can. Together we will remember our radical roots and reclaim our most fundamental rights: to walk, to wander, to live.
And soon, when covid allows, we will gather together for a monumental & inspirational Mass Trespass, the likes of which our Kinder Scout ancestors would be proud…
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In 1932, five men were jailed for their role in organising the Kinder Scout trespass of April 24th. Their crime? Walking on a hill where they were not supposed to.
This April 24th we will commemorate their actions with a trespass of our own, reconnecting with each other and exploring how the land beneath our feet affects every part of our lives.
In defiance of unjust, oppressive laws, the Kinder Scout trespass grew from the actions of 500 working men and women to a protest movement of over 10,000 people in just three weeks. These early pioneers sacrificed and fought for our right to roam these beautiful Isles. Their aims are still just as relevant.
Today, taxpayers give Β£3bn a year to landowners and yet…
…we are denied access to 92% of the land in England.

Much of that land is being criminally misused:
– Moors and peatland burned for the sake of grouse shooting

– Deforestation for manicured estates and golf courses

– and Extraction which destroys natural landscapes to name a few.

During a climate and ecological emergency, against a backdrop of increasing inequality and division, this is a conversation that cannot wait.
On 24th April…
Go for a walk – on your own, or with your Local Group or support bubble – and…
βœ… Peacefully climb over NO TRESPASSING or PRIVATE PROPERTY signs
βœ… Attach your own message to NO TRESPASSING signs
βœ… Explore creative, peaceful & covid-safe civil disobedience related to the land
βœ… Bring the conversation home, speak to your friends & neighbours about land rights and land misuse
βœ… Whatever you do, post photos and join the social media storm using the hashtags #WhoOwnsBritain #EveryoneWelcomeHere #RightToRoam
– Join the telegram group to share ideas & inspiration:
πŸ€“ Get inspiration and guidance here πŸ‘‡πŸΌ…/2PACX…/pub
⚠️ BE MINDFUL of wildlife and DO NOT DISTURB farm animals or crops
⚠️ Read up on the potential legal implications:…/1KIb_c_GMA96cA7SEd…/edit
⚠️ ⚠️ Ensure you take precautions to protest safely during the pandemic

This Land is Our Land


24th April 2021
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