Affinity Groups

A group of rebels who live local to each other. Affinity Groups work autonomously in the name of Animal Rebellion, engaging in acts of civil disobedience.


By volunteering for the national team, you will be volunteering to help progress the overall movement.

We are always looking for volunteers to join the national team, if you have any skills or interests that you believe can help the rebellion, please sign up in the volunteer form linked below.

Local Groups

Local groups are more structured than affinity groups and they also work autonomously in the local community in the name of Animal Rebellion. Local Groups are composed of working groups such as Actions, Social Media and Outreach to name a few. They have their own projects and campaigns and can organise their own actions as well as participating in actions with other local/national/affinity groups.

Rebel Ringers

Rebel Ringers are a Working Group in Animal Rebellion. Their mission is to contact, inform and engage people from the community by phoning and speaking to them directly.

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