You don’t have to sit in the road, or participate in a spicy action to support Animal Rebellion, there are many ways to help us day in day out. Please find one of the many ways you can help below!


A monthly or one-off donation will help us raise awareness, train members and fund actions.

You can also help activists who give up their liberty to fight the climate emergency we find ourselves in!


Whether we’re actively in rebellion or preparing for one our volunteers can always do with some good old plant based food donations!

During the rebellion it’s incredible to have donations of Oats, Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, etc. So whether you’re a wholesaler or an individual food donations are greatly appreciated!


Our incredible volunteers that are working Full and Part Time need support with accommodation! We’re also looking for those who can support with accommodation during the rebellion!

Get in touch if you’re able to house a volunteer from an afternoon, a night ,to a month!


Before, during and after the rebellion we’re going to need a lot of equipment, everything from spare Sleeping Bags and Tents to Pots and Pans for cooking.

If you have any equipment which you think could be useful during the rebellion let us know!

Join the Rebellion

Be Part of History

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