Plant-Based Future 2022 – Global Sign-up

As all of you probably already know, Animal Rebellion UK is planning an extended action for next September, aimed at interrupting the supply of dairy for several days, as part of a general campaign for a plant-based future. The action will draw international attention and increase pressure on governments to urgently adopt a strategy towards a plant-based society and a mass rewilding as the most effective solution to the emergency.

The ambition of this campaign requires the support of all Animal Rebellion chapters and other groups and organisations around the world, independently of their respective numerousness, resources, experience and location. In particular, each group may contribute by planning, on the same days of the London actions, small local actions that can promote the visibility of the campaign and of Animal Rebellion, as well as providing information and materials about what is going on and about the gravity and urgency of the emergency.

Since the many Animal Rebellion groups worldwide work in as many different situations, Animal Rebellion is organising an online meeting for brainstorming ideas and experiences about how any group can give its contribution locally, within its own reality. If you have already performed local (even very small) actions, or have ideas about that, please consider to write down; an informal short description of your experience and communicate it to us.
Most of all participate in the meeting!

Further information may be obtained by providing your details here.

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