Our strategy

At the core of Animal Rebellion’s philosophy is nonviolent civil disobedience. We promote civil disobedience and rebellion because we think it is necessary and the times are urgent. We are asking people to find their courage and to collectively do what is necessary to bring about change.

We are about political change and system, not personal change. We welcome personal change however it is not a requirement for joining Animal Rebellion. We value all the organisations working on individual lifestyle changes however we see our unique role to demand broader system change from the UK government.

We aren’t focused on traditional systems of campaigning such as petitions or writing to our MPs. Again, we honor this work that is currently being done and we are not trying to replace or erase that. We cannot do it all so we focus on our unique role within this ecosystem of social movements, which is mass nonviolent civil disobedience.

We focus on actions with higher potential consequences (e.g. arrest or jail time). We don’t want or need everyone to get arrested, as for some this is not a good idea, but we do want everyone involved to support civil disobedience as a tool.

We are promoting mass “above the ground” civil disobedience – in full public view. This means economic disruption to shake the current political system and civil disruption to raise awareness. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience that this causes.

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