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Plant-based Future Talk


It’s official, the climate is changing rapidly and we’re all feeling the heat. But what’s actually happening and what can we do about it? In this talk, Animal Rebellion summarises what has caused the climate emergency, what we can do about it and how to get involved. Join us for this online talk and learn more about the climate breakdown, meet new people and ask any questions you have in the 20 minutes Q&A following the talk. We may be facing dark times ahead but there’s always an opportunity for positive change. We come in peace, love and solidarity and invite you to join us in this rebellion!

Basic DNA


Essential for all Animal Rebels to deepen their understanding of who Animal Rebellion is. A crash course into how we think social change happens and how we operate. This is only a taste for the individual sections! Be sure to also attend our in depth trainings on our story, structure, strategy and culture.

DNA Story


This online workshop is an opportunity to explore our personal and shared stories in Animal Rebellion. How do we frame our story as a movement? Why do we use certain words and concepts, yet avoid others? How does it reach out to people? What do we mean by our ‘shared vision of change’?

DNA Structure


This online workshop is an opportunity to explore Animal Rebellion UK’s structure of coordination and learn about how we make decisions. What are the key principles, ways of working and challenges of our Self-Organising-System and how is it expanding as we continually grow? Discuss leadership, autonomy and the fundamental building blocks of trust and communication.  

Introduction to Animal Rebellion


Want to know more about Animal Rebellion?⁠ ⁠We have an introduction session where you can learn more about the movement and how you can get involved. We’ll chat about our principles & values, our demands, and a little taster of why we do things the way we do and how you can take part.  

DNA Culture


Culture underpins how we relate to one another both within our movement and wider society. Come explore how we can build an inclusive, resilient and empowering culture together at Animal Rebellion.

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