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Animal Rebellion blockades McDonald’s distribution centres across the UK

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This year we need to stand in global solidarity and refuse to give our consent for outsourcing destruction. We are asking the G7 to put their money where their mouth is and protect the planet, humans and other animals by defunding meat.

Animals are not products and their lives are not fuel for the destruction these governments brought on this planet which is both our home and theirs. Animals resist these industries in the same way humans do, forming alliances, disrupting destruction and continuing to survive in a world where they are increasingly unwelcome. We welcome all species and know that by building a just, sustainable plant-based food system we can build a world based on justice for all. 


Who are we?

Animal Rebellion is a mass movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience to bring about a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system, to halt mass extinction, alleviate the worst effects of climate breakdown and ensure justice for animals.

We know that you can’t end the climate emergency without ending the animal emergency and demand that the government acts now to build a future which is fair and just for all beings.

Be part of the fight for system change

Do you want to build a plant-based food system that is just and sustainable for everyone? We are building a mass movement for climate and animal justice and we need you to make that happen. We welcome everyone regardless of your skills, experience, background or location. Fill out our volunteer form today to get involved and join the rebellion!

How can you help?

System Change doesn’t happen without support and we ask YOU to make it clear that we can’t end the climate emergency without ending the animal emergency. Become an Animal Rebellion monthly giver and help us cover the essential costs of creating change. Donations grow local groups, train and support thousands of rebels right across the UK, dye fountains red, buy pink slaughter trucks, shut down slaughterhouses and create the powerful rebellion we need to win.

Our Demands

1. Tell The Truth

Government (and media) telling the truth about the climate and ecological emergency (CEE), must include telling the truth about plant-based food system. Animal Rebellion recognizes that one cannot speak about the CEE without openly talking about the impacts of animal agriculture on the planet, including but not limited to: deforestation, ocean dead-zones, biodiversity loss and air pollution.

2. Act Now

We are heading towards a climate catastrophe and will be facing social collapse, mass starvation and the death of billions of beings if the government does not act now and act decisively. We focus on what is necessary and that is reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net zero by 2025. We recognise this cannot be done without a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system.

3. Beyond Politics

This is an emergency. The issues are huge and complex, and the solutions needed are urgent. Political power in the UK is in the hands of a few elected politicians. Over the last 40 years, this system has proved incapable of making the long-term decisions needed to deal with the climate and ecological emergency. Politicians simply can’t see past the next election. Politicians are lobbied by huge corporate interests to protect certain industries, such as those of the animal farming and fishing industries. We need ordinary citizens to be presented with the facts of animal agriculture to make informed and unbiased choices, with the power to make legislative change.


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