Stream of Solidarity: Vanessa Hudson

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Stream of Solidarity: Vanessa Hudson

14th October 2022 @ 7:00 pm

People will often criticise saying “why don’t you have your own political party where you can put the things you want to the public to vote on?” We do.

Vanessa heads has been the leader of the Animal Welfare Party since 2010 and has over seen 13 party election campaigns across the UK. She has been keen to work with sister parties in the international animal politics movement, playing a key role in the development of the first pan-European election campaign by animal parties ahead of the 2014 EU elections, the ‘EuroAnimal7’– an idea repeated in 2019 with the ‘Animal Politics EU’ list of 11 animal parties.

But what is involved? What changes have they been able to make? How can we use this resource to help push our cause for a plant based future?

After disruption comes conversation. Come see how the fight for social justice is being fought by ways of the forging of the laws that govern the land and what you can do to take part on this front.

Stream of Solidarity: Vanessa Hudson
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