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Plans for Animal Rebellion’s Messaging in 2021

From November-December Animal Rebellion ran a 4 week messaging workshop which assessed and analysed our messaging and identified pathways for the future. In this presentation from the Animal Rebellion messaging team we'll go over what we learnt, some key insights and areas for future development as well as plans for Animal Rebellions messaging team in 2021. If you couldn't make the workshops or are interested in getting insights into Animal Rebellion's messaging process and share your ideas come along on Thursday 7th January at 6pm for an informative exploration of what we learnt and where we're going

Intro to Strategic Messaging


In a world with loads of competing narratives, messaging is everywhere. Social change organisations, corporations, the media and many other institutions use strategic messaging by considering things like context and framing in order to win people over. By formulating our words and the sentences we use, our messaging will travel further, hit harder and ultimately win the hearts and minds of the people - shifting the public narrative for a better world, and a brighter future.

Mobilisation Workshop


Come along to learn about how we can grow our movement by reaching out to, and bringing in new supporters

Starting off Strategically for New Groups


Have you formed a new Animal Rebellion group or are interested in developing one? This training will go through the basics of how to plan your groups strategy and make sure its aligning with our goals and direction. We'll run through understanding Animal Rebellion's goals and strategy and how your group can find their place within that as well as starting out with setting goals and bringing people on board in roles and teams.

Effective Outreach Workshop: Part One


Come and join our sharing space where we will be discussing our past experience with doing outreach. Learn from your peers some tips and tricks they use for getting our message across in an effective manner. We will be sharing our experiences and compiling a list of common scenarios we encounter on the streets to then practice them in a low-stress environment and build up our confidence. No outreach experience necessary! All are welcome to come, discuss and learn.

Plant-Based Health Professionals Talk and Q&A


A talk supporting the plant-based councils campaign from Rohini from PBHP. It will go through some of the health aspects around eating meat and dairy followed by some Q&A

Foundations of Linguistics


Join Jo and Adam, both linguists from the Messaging team, to learn more about how we can utilise findings from linguistic research to improve the effectiveness and outreach of our messaging. We will explore the importance of language and communication, and how different linguistic varieties and registers play a role in building and shaping our social reality.

Effective Outreach Workshop: Part Two


Come and join us for an hour of outreach practice. From last weeks sharing circle, we have compiled a list of common scenarios we face in the streets and will have one hour of practicing our outreach skills in a low-stress environment with experienced outreachers helping guide us along the way.

2021 Plant-Based Schools Campaign


New year, new food system? It’s time to change. Join us in our 2021 campaign: Plant-Based Schools and Councils! We’re kickstarting a nationwide effort to create a fairer and more sustainable food system for the planet, for animals and for our future. About This Event Come along to find out how to get involved as we demand that local councils stop serving animal products in their schools and council events to combat the climate crisis. 70% of local councils have declared a climate emergency; none have acted. We demand they prioritise the future of their residents and serve only plant-based food in schools and at council events. With your help, we can achieve huge goals for animals, people, and the[…]

Strategy Consultation Discussion Space


Following on from the Animal Rebellion's Goals for 2021 presentation on Wednesday the 27th this space is to discuss, share ideas and ask questions about the learnings from the strategy consultation with your fellow rebels and members of the UK strategy team.

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