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Join Us To Stop The Supply of Dairy

This September Animal Rebellion will be nonviolently stopping the supply of dairy across the UK with 500 people over a 1-2 week period, cutting off the supply of milk to supermarkets and causing unignorable high-level disruption which will be felt by tens of million of people across the UK. By causing this disruption day after day we will transform public opinion and pressure the government to act.  We must take this action because billions of animals are dying in the dairy industry and other animal farming and fishing industries. We must take this action because we are in a climate and nature emergency and what we do in the next 2-3 years will determine the future of humanity.  The science[…]

Stream of Solidarity with David Finny

Join us as we have a conversation with volunteer and spokes person for Scrap Factory Farming, David Finny. “At the age of 42 – after a meditation course with a vegetarian group – I stopped eating animals and went vegetarian. A few years later I became a volunteer speaker for Compassion in World Farming and later joined Greens for Animal Protection where I helped to develop animal rights policies for the Green Party. Aged 53, the sight of a shed full of dairy cows triggered my decision to become vegan that year and I began to attend animal rights marches and demos. A few years later I joined Humane Being when Jane Tredgett, Peta Smith and I created the Scrap[…]

Stream of Solidarity with Mo Markham &Eleanor Carrere

Mo has been involved with Waterloo Region Climate Initiatives, the Eating Animals Causes Pandemics campaign, and the OneHealth Advocacy Project. She has helped create climate strikes; organises her local vegfest; has had articles and letters to the editor published on a variety of issues; has taken part in animal rights and social justice actions and campaigns in Ontario, in Canada, and across the world. Eleanor as been a committed lifelong animal rights and environmental activist with a focus on transitioning institutions to a plant-based food system. She is the Outreach and Policy Lead with Nation Rising, an organiser with  the Plant-Based Cities Movement, and a member of the Coalition for a Sustainable Food Transition and  also heads the Canadian university[…]

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