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Stream of Solidarity: Martin Whybrow

One of the things you may hear from people criticise protesters is “why don’t you work hard and change the system form the inside?” Martin tried to do just that. As an RSPCA branch trustee for four years before resigning, Martin was one of a number of people who tried to remind one of the countries oldest charitable organisations of the principles it was founded on. Hear about Martin’s journey, not only with the RSPCA, but with other organisations who we are counting on to foster in a sustainable future.

Stream of Solidarity: Vanessa Hudson

People will often criticise saying “why don’t you have your own political party where you can put the things you want to the public to vote on?” We do. Vanessa heads has been the leader of the Animal Welfare Party since 2010 and has over seen 13 party election campaigns across the UK. She has been keen to work with sister parties in the international animal politics movement, playing a key role in the development of the first pan-European election campaign by animal parties ahead of the 2014 EU elections, the 'EuroAnimal7'– an idea repeated in 2019 with the 'Animal Politics EU' list of 11 animal parties. But what is involved? What changes have they been able to make? How[…]


This is historic. Our movement is growing in power and numbers. We’ve disrupted the supply of dairy. We’ve made headlines around the world. We’ve changed the national conversation.  Now it’s time to take our joyful plant-based rebellion to the Westminster government.  Join us at Green Park Station 12noon on October 8th for a day of plant-based rebellion as we occupy the streets of central London and unleash playful disruption across the city. Arrestable and non-arrestable roles needed.  Key Information When? Begin on October 8th for 24 hours  Where? Meet in the park by Green Park tube station.  Who? You, your friends, your family, your neighbours and thousands of rebels from across the Animal Rebellion movement and allied movements for our[…]

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