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Effective Outreach Workshop: Part One


Come and join our sharing space where we will be discussing our past experience with doing outreach. Learn from your peers some tips and tricks they use for getting our message across in an effective manner. We will be sharing our experiences and compiling a list of common scenarios we encounter on the streets to then practice them in a low-stress environment and build up our confidence. No outreach experience necessary! All are welcome to come, discuss and learn.

Arts Space


Come along, chill out and get creative with the Animal Rebellions Arts Team

Campaign Design Training


In 2021 Animal Rebellion is entering into an exciting new phase with campaigns popping up left, right and centre. However, it can sometimes seem a little daunting to start a campaign in your area if its not something you've done before. This training will go over the basics of how to plan and implement a successful campaign. It will touch on campaign theory as well as going into examples of effective campaigns and how they won. This training is great for those working on the plant-based councils campaign or for anyone who wants to start to see real change in their area towards a better world.

DNA Structure


This online workshop is an opportunity to explore Animal Rebellion UK’s structure of coordination and learn about how we make decisions. What are the key principles, ways of working and challenges of our Self-Organising-System and how is it expanding as we continually grow? Discuss leadership, autonomy and the fundamental building blocks of trust and communication.  

Plant-Beased Health Professionals Talk and Q&A


A talk supporting the plant-based councils campaign from Rohini from PBHP. It will go through some of the health aspects around eating meat and dairy followed by some Q&A

Introduction to Animal Rebellion


Want to know more about Animal Rebellion?⁠ ⁠We have an introduction session where you can learn more about the movement and how you can get involved. We’ll chat about our principles & values, our demands, and a little taster of why we do things the way we do and how you can take part.  

Effective Outreach Workshop: Part Two


Come and join us for an hour of outreach practice. From last weeks sharing circle, we have compiled a list of common scenarios we face in the streets and will have one hour of practicing our outreach skills in a low-stress environment with experienced outreachers helping guide us along the way.

DNA Culture


Culture underpins how we relate to one another both within our movement and wider society. Come explore how we can build an inclusive, resilient and empowering culture together at Animal Rebellion.

Big Arts Mobilization Day


Join us for a day of creating and chatting with the Animal Rebellion arts team.

Strategy Consultation Discussion Space


Following on from the Animal Rebellion's Goals for 2021 presentation on Wednesday the 27th this space is to discuss, share ideas and ask questions about the learnings from the strategy consultation with your fellow rebels and members of the UK strategy team.

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