Hope Bohanec: An Inspiration for Compassionate Living

*Originally published 20 May 2020*

If you’re looking for inspiration and yearning to keep active in our fight against animal agriculture, then Animal Rebellion introduces to you Hope Bohanec.

Hope Bohanec has been actively protecting animals and the environment for over 25 years. She started her journey with Earth First! and has taken part in all types of actions.

Hope is the Executive Director of Compassionate Living, based in California. Compassionate Living is a non-profit, plant-based advocacy organisation which has a huge focus on removing misinformation caused by labels on food. As consumers become more aware of what animal farms are really like, the industry has offered several “‘alternatives” such as sustainable, organic, and free-range. However, these labels do more to de-sensitise humans from the facts about their food than it does for the better treatment of Earth and the animals. Compassionate Living aims to “support ethical and eco-friendly living by highlighting the abundance of plant-based options that heal our bodies, our planet, and our relationship to animals”.

Consumers are continuously opting for labels such as “cage-free” or “free-range”. So, in 2013, Hope Bohanec published a book called “The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat” which explores the true costs of these products to the environment and animals. Hope deconstructs how labels misinform consumers and raises animal, global-health and food choice awareness.

For nearly a decade, Hope has been working with United Poultry Concerns, an organisation which focuses entirely on “chickens, turkeys, ducks and domestic fowl”. Hope organises projects such as the International Respect for Chickens Day and does outreach, demonstrations and fundraisers. United Poultry Concerns reveals how poultry is exploited; providing information on how the use of these birds in science, food production, entertainment and education deteriorates the relationship between humans, non-human animals and the environment.

On Friday 22nd May, 19:00–20:00 BST, Hope Bohanec is joining Animal Rebellion to share her knowledge in an interview and Q&A session on Facebook Live.

Don’t forget to book your tickets on Eventbrite in advance, to participate in the question and answering session on Zoom! If you can not tune in live, the talk will be available either on the Animal Rebellion Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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Hope Bohanec: An Inspiration for Compassionate Living
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