Animal Rebellion Prepares for a Terrifying Halloween — Climate Justice Movement Demonstrates Against Grouse Shooting

*Originally published 29 October 2020*

Have you heard of The Butterfly Effect? No, not the Ashton Kutcher movie but the theory itself. It goes back to 1800, in The Vocation of Man, Johann Gottlieb Fichte says “you could not remove a single grain of sand from its place without thereby … changing something throughout all parts of the immeasurable whole”. The same can be said for our ecosystem- push one section of our natural world too far and the effects can be untold.

This Hallo-week, climate justice movements: Animal Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion, are demonstrating to the British and Scottish governments the need to impose legislation that will protect and uphold our homes, habitats and country. This will happen by marking the end of archaic sports which involve the hunting and killing of our wildlife along with the vast swathes of natural land that are burnt and destroyed in order to prime acres for the game.

The annual depletion of up to 260,000 wild animals that are native to Scotland alone are wreaking havoc on local animal societies and food chains. Coupled with the CO2 gas released from the burning of our peat soils, which annually emits more greenhouse gasses than all of the oil refineries in the UK, has created an ecological disaster in the name of an ancient and often inaccessible sport.

Through a series of safe, peaceful and family-friendly actions in both Scotland and on the footsteps of Buckingham Palace, the climate justice movements are informing the public of the action that needs to be taken in order to protect our homes and planet. In the spirit of Halloween, we may not be able to go trick-or-treating but we can remember the animals that have lost their lives by dressing up, creating art work and speaking out against the sports that are engaged within their homes and our beautiful countryside that is being laid to waste.

This Halloween simultaneous demonstrations are taking place outside of Holyrood in Edinburgh, Scotland and a march from Trafalgar Square right up to Buckingham Palace in London dubbed ‘The Hunted Haunting of Buckingham Palace’. Everyone is invited to take part in both actions, and implored to be creative with it! There will be speakers, art, banners, posters, pavement chalk art, face paintings and costumes, lots of costumes.

If you want to join other activists and interested parties for the demonstrations here’s how you can prepare and help out.

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For the demonstrations numbers are the most important factor, everybody is welcome and is encouraged to bring friends, family and anyone else you can. Come in your own costumes, preferably animal themed. You can be as elaborate and creative or as simplistic as you want; a white sheet over your head to represent the ghosts of animal lives lost is a popular choice; just make sure it represents the loss and destruction of animals and their homes, particularly those native to Scotland. Bring out your artistic spirit, make banners, paintings, posters, cutouts and bring soft toys; anything you can think of that helps get the message across to protect our natural countryside and wildlife. Show the extent that has been lost and make the government know the demands they are facing.

Alongside people, equipment is also required to ensure the rebellions’ presence is felt. Anything from torches, high- vis vests, placards and flags to ensure that you are seen and safe to sound systems and megaphones to ensure that you are heard.

Above all it has to be said that among these strange and unfortunate times please make sure that you bring face masks for yourself and everyone you’re coming with. Along with remaining socially distant from those who are outside of your household or support bubble. Your voice needs to be heard whilst you are keeping yourself and those around you safe at the same time.

That being said, if you or anyone you have been in contact with lately has any symptoms of COVID-19 then please stay at home, you can still make your voice heard by sharing your thoughts and the demonstrations on social media however for the safety of yourself and everyone around you it is essential that the demonstrations are COVID secure.

It’s no secret that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to ensure the protection of our planet and its inhabitants, however, one step at a time real difference can be made. Through demonstrations such as these and the many others around the world. From climate justice movements to individuals making every day choices, however you choose to participate, your voice can be heard and will not be forgotten. The right and necessary changes will come and our planet and all of us who call it home will benefit from it.

Demonstration Information:

The Hunted Haunting of Buckingham Palace.

Time/Date: Meeting at 5:30pm, Saturday 31st October 2020

Place: Meeting at DEFRA and marching to Buckingham Palace.

Holyrood Demonstration

Time/Date: TBA, Saturday 31st October 2020

Place: Holyrood, Edinburgh

Animal Rebellion Prepares for a Terrifying Halloween — Climate Justice Movement Demonstrates Against Grouse Shooting
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