Animal Rebellion Disrupts Platinum Jubilee To Demand A Plant-Based Future And Rewilding Of Royal Land

25 supporters of Animal Rebellion have disrupted the ‘Trooping The Colour’ event as the Queen’s procession made its way towards Buckingham Palace. They are doing so due to the Crown’s inaction on the climate emergency and their continued support for meat, fishing, and dairy, a leading contributor to climate breakdown [1]. The Crown is one of the largest landholders in The UK [2] and has had decades to transition to plant-based farming and rewilding but has chosen not to. During the opening of the Platinum Jubilee weekend, Animal Rebellion disrupted the royal procession on Pall Mall. This comes after the group dyed the Buckingham Palace fountains red last August [3]. The group are urging for an immediate transition to a plant-based future and rewilding.[…]

Photo of a white chicken, eye clearly visible looking through its yellow plastic cage at the camera whilst in cramped conditions with other chickens

Photo credit: East London Chicken Save

In March 2022 Animal Rebellion launched the Gardens Not Slaughterhouses campaign – a pressure campaign to shut down London’s last remaining slaughterhouse. Thousands of chickens are killed every week at Kedassia on Smeed Road in Hackney Wick. We think it’s time to make the slaughterhouse history and transform it into a vibrant, thriving garden!

Hackney Wick is a growing community. A space for artists, creators and families. Yet, right in the centre of our neighbourhood, is a place of horror and death. This is not the community that we want to build. 

Every year in the UK 1.1 billion land animals are killed for food, 950 million of them are birds. Chickens are intelligent, gentle birds and experience pain and trauma not only during the slaughter process but also on farms and during transportation. Together we can stop the suffering of thousands of chickens. 

Slaughterhouses also damage the environment, releasing toxic chemicals and waste into the surrounding area. They are also responsible for large outputs of greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, both major contributors to climate change. These gases are created both in the process of slaughter and by the degradation of wastewater. Furthermore, 3 out of 4 new infectious diseases come from animals – slaughtering animals puts everyone at risk.

We are joining local residents and demanding that the slaughterhouse is redeveloped into a community garden where residents can benefit from the environment around them. Together we can shut this slaughterhouse down and transform this place of death into a space for life and community.

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2022: Some New Year’s Resolutions For a Plant-Based Future

It’s that time where we all think about what we want to do and be in the coming year. With that in mind, here are some various resolutions for a plant-based future … Well 2021 was a wild year, with blockades, beacons, and lock-ons aplenty! More can be read about those here or seen here. Animal Rebellion did a fantastic job in showing McDonalds, Arla (The UK’s biggest dairy producer,) and even the British government where they’re going wrong! With that in mind we wanted to invite the meat, dairy, and fishing industries to make some resolutions of their own to secure a just and sustainable plant-based future! Let’s start it off nice and simple shall we? McDonald’s and Arla,[…]

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