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Sir David Attenborough Pleaded With By Biologist and Supporter Of Animal Rebellion: Michelin-Starred Restaurant Disrupted and Arrest Made

A high-end seafood restaurant charging £65 per person (minimum) was targeted last night as a local marine biologist attempted to talk to Sir David about climate breakdown and how he could use his position to call for changes to our food system amidst COP27. Emma Smart, who has previously taken action with Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain, said:  “The Catch is a symbol of excess and inequality in today’s world, Weymouth has average wages amongst the lowest in The UK and is at huge risk of sea level rises. Yet this restaurant still continues business as usual amongst the worst cost-of-living crisis many will ever experience. We don’t need another documentary series showing us that we are losing, some 150[…]

George Monbiot Announces Support For Plant-Based Universities: University Of Stirling Students Union Votes ‘Yes’ To Going 100% Plant-Based

On 10/11/22, at a students union general meeting, the Plant-Based Universities campaign put forward a motion for their facilities to transition to 100% plant-based catering by 2025, with 50% of the options being so by the 2023-24 academic year [1]. A majority of the, around 100, attendees voted in favour of the motion that will affect the 3 outlets operated by the union. The vote is a landmark victory for the Plant-Based Universities campaign, which was announced in November  2021 [2]. George Monbiot has spoken out about the vote, in a comment given to Plant-Based Universities. Students at The University Of Stirling have voted to embrace a completely plant-based menu to address the climate and ecological emergencies. The decision represents[…]

M25 Disrupted For the Fourth Day: Animal Rebellion Supporters Take Action With Just Stop Oil Again

Supporters of Just Stop Oil have climbed gantries and forced large sections of the road to shut [1] Animal Rebellion stands in solidarity with Just Stop Oil to disrupt London’s circular motorway and demand that the government halts all new oil and gas licences and consents [2]. Animal Rebellion says it is committed to supporting Just Stop Oil in its campaign of civil resistance. From around 06:30 this morning, several individuals climbed gantries and displayed banners reading ‘Just Stop Oil’. Amongst them were supporters of Animal Rebellion, taking action to support Just Stop Oil’s demands. Tom Gardener, a systems engineer from Nottingham and supporter of Animal Rebellion, amongst those disrupting the M25 this morning said: “We continue to see absolute[…]

Milk Supply To Midlands And South Of England Cut Off As Animal Rebellion Supporters Blockade 4 Key Dairy Distribution Centres

Over 100 supporters of Animal Rebellion have stopped the supply of fresh dairy across large areas of England. The distribution centres affected include Arla Aylesbury, which processes 10% of the UK’s dairy produce [1]. The distribution centres, operated by Müller and Arla, combine to process an estimated 2.6 billion litres of fresh milk yearly [2]. From 5:00 am today, groups of Animal Rebellion supporters stopped and climbed company trucks outside facilities, whilst others trespassed inside company facilities, climbing up onto milk silos and the sites’ loading bays. This comes after the group received no response to a letter delivered to Downing Street in August, warning of disruptive action in September unless progress towards their demands was made [3]. John Appleton,[…]

Animal Rebellion blocks access to fresh milk at high-end supermarkets in 4 cities as they begin sustained direct action against Government inaction on a plant-based food transition.

Between midday and 1pm on Saturday 3rd September, protestors from Animal Rebellion entered a Whole Foods store in London, Marks & Spencer’s stores in Southampton, Birmingham, and Manchester.  This comes after supporters of the group emptied out milk onto the floor of Harrods in July, gaining widespread media coverage [1]. These actions come as the government refused multiple calls for dialogue early this year [2]. Animal Rebellion is calling for the Government to support farmers and fishing communities in a transition to plant-based food production, and to use the land freed up for rewilding as part of a broader programme of wildlife restoration and carbon draw-down.   The protests involved people sitting down in the dairy and/or meat aisles of high-end[…]

Animal Rebellion Warns Consumers To Prepare for Milk Shortage This September

Animal Rebellion declares it will disrupt the supply of dairy to supermarkets all over the UK this month, impacting millions of consumers. This comes after The British Government rejected two separate calls for dialogue in May and August, respectively [1]. The animal and climate justice group claim that hundreds of people will be involved in civil resistance until there is government commitment toward their demands. Statement from Animal Rebellion:  In the first two weeks of September, Animal Rebellion will take nonviolent action to stop the supply of dairy to UK Supermarkets, meaning millions of consumers will be unable to buy dairy milk. We have spent months trying all the proper channels to engage with the Government on the scientific consensus[…]

Animal Rebellion Appeals To DEFRA Board Ahead Of Planned Disruption Of Dairy Industry

On 19/08/2022, Animal Rebellion sent a letter to 5 DEFRA ministers, all 32 DEFRA agencies and public bodies and 31 appointed DEFRA officers across all domains. The letter is urging these individuals to take action, amongst the silence Animal Rebellion has so far recieved from The Government Animal Rebellion previously delivered a letter to 10 Downing St on 06/08/22, which has recieved no reply The full letter text can be found below: “As a co-founder of Animal Rebellion – a mass movement using nonviolent civil disobedience to call for a just, sustainable plant-based food system – I am writing to urge you to step forward in support of our demands during our September campaign. During the first two weeks of[…]

Animal Rebellion Occupies RSPCA HQ

Around 50 individuals from Animal Rebellion have today occupied the national headquarters of the RSPCA, calling on the charity to support a fair transition to a plant-based food system for animals and the planet.  Animal Rebellion says they are engaging with managers and staff, but also using the space to hold workshops and training for their supporters. A banner has been hung inside the building. It reads: ‘Be Part of a Plant-Based Future’. One of those to occupy the building is Jane Tredgett, a former vice-chair of the National RSPCA and former board member of RSPCA Assured. Today’s action marks an escalation in Animal Rebellion’s plant-based future campaign, as the group calls on the RSPCA to be part of a[…]

Supporters of Animal Rebellion Deliver Demands For a Plant-Based Future To Downing Street

During the National Animal Rights March on 06/08/22, two supporters of Animal Rebellion delivered a letter to the Prime Minister, asking him to begin negotiations with the group. The letter, delivered by Nathan McGovern and Dora Hargitai, on behalf of Animal Rebellion, states that hundreds of people will engage in nonviolent direct action unless their demands are met by the end of August. The letter comes over two months after Animal Rebellion issued a statement to the Government with their demands, which has since received no response [1]. During the annual National Animal Rights March, which was attended by around 500 people, supporters of Animal Rebellion successfully handed over a letter addressed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Downing Street.[…]


On 27/07/22, at Harrods in Central London, individuals took nonviolent action and emptied milk onto the floor before being forcibly removed by security. Climate and animal action group Animal Rebellion has targeted dairy aisles in supermarkets, including the department store Harrods, across the UK. Up to 4 supermarkets were affected in cities that include London and Birmingham. In an escalation of the Plant-Based Future campaign [1], supporters of Animal Rebellion blockaded supermarket dairy aisles and emptied milk bottles onto the floor. Kat Chan, 20, who was amongst those in Harrods, said “We are taking this necessary action because we don’t feel we have any other choice. Last week’s heatwave and wildfires showed us a glimpse of our future if we[…]

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